(Take it seriously but have a back-up)
Nick Antosca

Making a living off of your writing is going to be a long shot – unless you’re willing to sacrifice all artistic integrity by making Xerox models of 50 Shades of Grey or Twilight just to make a buck (it can be awfully tempting). Even the best writers had day jobs. Burroughs worked as an exterminator, Bukowski as a mail carrier in a post office…even Agatha Christie was an Apothecaries’ assistant by day!

Nick Antosca has five books to his name and has written teleplays for shows such as Hannibal and Teen Wolf. Today he kindly bestows some of his infallible wisdom.


The question posed to each author is – “A young author comes to you seeking advice. They’re riddled with insecurities and completely overwhelmed by the publishing industry. What are your Words from the Wise?”

NA – Have a backup plan or a day job so you can write what you want.  Otherwise (unless you have money in the bank or family that will support you) you will always be chasing the next freelance paycheck or notion of what publishers will be looking for… No one really makes a living just from being a fiction writer or journalist.  I mean, a few people do — literally a few hundred in the entire world.  The rest teach or have day jobs.  1619094_10100877822413644_2333326650173338650_nZadie Smith teaches.  Jonathan Lethem teaches.  They all teach for extra money.  Treat writing like a hobby even if you are earning money at it — do it because you love it.

And AT THE SAME TIME treat it like a job and take it very seriously.  Treat it like a job where you are both the boss and the employee.  Write every day, ideally in the morning when your brain is fresh, before the day gets screwed up.  Your most productive hours are almost certainly going to be the first two hours after you wake up.  Also, read a lot.
It provides nourishment and makes the writing come more easily.

Write with an outline.  Writing the outline counts as writing.  A lot of the most important creative work is done before the writing begins.
If you have no plan and don’t know how the pieces fit together, you will run into trouble.  You will find interesting surprises, but you are undermining yourself by embarking without a map.  You don’t have to stick exactly to the map if you find yourself disliking the route, but you’re in better shape if you have it.
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 Also, consider writing for TV (if you like watching TV).  It’s very difficult to get the first job but, unlike in movies, writers control the medium, and you actually can make a living doing it.

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