Transmatic and The Black Dog Eats the City

Really ecstatic to announce that my book “Transmatic” has been accepted for publication with Steven Scott Nelson‘s MorbidbookS AND “The Black Dog Eats the City” is coming out through Kate Jonez’ Omnium Gatherum!

Here’s an early sample of the cover  

Hopefully more good news to follow soon….




“….part-time hitman/ exterminator, Ignius Ellis’s dream is to buy a candy-apple red Nova Supreme. In the process of trying to earn enough cash to make his dream come true he gets sucked into the rough world of Visitacion Valley, SF. When the tenants in his apartment complex reveal their various extracurricular activities this take an even more bizarre twist and Ellis soon becomes acquainted with the nightmarish Salve State…”

“I never thought I could use “aggro” for a novel, but Chris Kelso’s Transmatic is pure heat-white aggro in a new twisted way that will leave you breathless and wanting for more. Think Tarentino meets Ballard meets Burroughs, and you’re still in it for a surprise. A hard drug I sincerely recommend. I am now officially a craving Kelso addict.”

– Seb Doubinsky

“If Message From the Slave State was an odd radio frequency muffled by static, Transmatic is Kelso finding a clear signal from which to broadcast his Slave State mythos. One could examine it many different ways: a skeptic’s fable about the methods of Scientology, an appraisal of the panoptic society in which we find ourselves or even as an allegory of the Proletariat. However one views it, there’s one thing they cannot deny: its ambition.”

– Surreal Grotesque

“Engorged with ideas, Transmatic is a futuristic meta-romp populated by hitmen, apologetic aliens, vermin and Burroughsian understudies; where splitscreen realities and parallel worlds vie for the reader’s engagement, and fantasy and reality wrestle whilst falling downstairs. Reading Kelso is like sticking your head in a blender but retaining consciousness: a joy ride.”

– Fur-Lined Ghetto

miketeresa“The world Chris Kelso’s has created is like a twilight Zone hosted by William S Burroughs, but in place of a fresh faced Charles Bronson, there is a rift in the time/space continuum set to a solid jazz soundtrack.”

Sean Leonard

“If you’re looking for an escape from the provincial and the commonplace, read Transmatic. It’s the literary equivalent of guerrilla warfare, an act of sabotage against the concretized myths of the establishment. Your eyes will water and your nose will run, and you won’t be able to stop until its over.”

-Preston Grassmann, author of Midnight in the Cathedral of Time, Locus magazine

“Language pornography that reads like a Burroughs confession in the throes of orgasmic euphoria.”

– Vincenzo Bilof, author of The Horror Show


579187_10152781092597699_956106685_nYou just can’t win

You feel it before you see it, The Black Dog – the Cimmerian demon with baleful breath, diminishing the light wherever it tracks…

…the size of a large calf, its footfalls are silent – the portents of death hidden behind caliginous evil.

It squeezes into the soul. You know it because he scrunches your stomach into a tight paper-ball and forces it out through your anus.

Then you’re a goner…

You just can’t win