The Dregs Trilogy (a digest)

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This page serves as a definitive collection of essays, articles, reviews, and media centering around The Dregs Trilogy novel. This digest will be updated regularly, as and when new coverage emerges.


Summed up briefly, the DREGS trilogy comprises all three installments in one (Unger House Radicals, Shrapnel Apartments, and Ritual America), and spans the brutal lifespan of murderous art-movement, ‘The Ultra-Realists’. 

Detailed Synopsis

In a deviant world of snuff films, cosmic serial killers, and high-culture, where does the dark go to die? 

The Carson family are considered a curse upon Amber Acre. Now the youngest sibling, Beau, has been linked to a series of child murders and it’s up to Sergeant Bobby Reilly to get to the bottom of things. Beau claims to have been acting at the behest of a cosmic entity called Blackcap, and his companion King Misery – can Reilly escape the dark junctions of his own mind, and his insatiable lusting after little girls, to find the real killer? Meanwhile, in the wake of the Ultra-Realists, a mysterious reality TV show called Shrapnel Apartments comes out of nowhere and becomes an internet sensation – five tortured souls are forced to live in an extradimensional apartment complex together until the viewing public vote for eviction. Who put them there and why? Afflicted by vague memories of autopsies and their shambolic former lives, the housemates try to make sense of their surroundings and the cosmic captor they share. 

The DREGS trilogy is told in a sporadic true crime report-style, wrapped up in a punk aesthetic.

‘The Dregs Trilogy is the real thing…’Ramsey Campbell

Articles and Reviews

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Short film made by illustrator and award-winning artist, Shane Swank

Ramsey Campbell, Kelby Losack, Wake Island Podcast, Jared Pappas-Kelley, Ben Robinson