Schadenfreude is Here!!!

>Enter a mind full of transcendental drugs, doomed punks, voyeuristic puppets and
omnipotent intergalactic prisons in Chris Kelso’s debut short fiction collection.

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So it’s finally here. I’ve been waiting on this coming out for a looooong time. I feel like a great albatross  has been lifted from around my neck and I can breath easy knowing the book made it. Be a doll and pick up a copy!

It also has a beautiful cover design by my sister from another mister, Vikki Hastings!

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Chris Kelso is a writer of wide and varied obsessions. In Schadenfreude he shares all of them. This collection is just the right amount of raunchy, and is guaranteed to uplift the heart of today’s most discerningly jaded nihilist’

‘Impressive debut. Schadenfreude is more than a short story collection; it’s a way of life’

— Stewart Home, author of Red London

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‘Chris Kelso is a writer of almost intimidating intelligence, wit, and imagination. On every page there is evidence of a great mind at work. Just when you’re wondering if there are actually still writers out there who still feel and live their ideas out on the page, I come across a writer like Kelso, and suddenly the future feels a lot more optimistic. I look forward to seeing what he’s capable of in the longer, novel form: it’s a tantalising prospect. To wear his influences as smartly as he does – one calls to mind Burroughs, and Trocchi’s more verbose offerings – whilst remaining uniquely himself, in a writer as young as he is, is a very encouraging sign: one of maturity that belies his youth. I look forward to reading more from him in the near future.’

Andrew Raymond Drennan, author of The Immaculate Heart


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“Schadenfreude” at Trinity Leeds Festival