Publication list

A comprehensive list of all novels, novellas, collections, anthologies, short stories, and articles to date –


Possession: Dreams of Suffering and Sanity (non-fiction/Midnight Movie Monographs)

Vantablack (EP/music album/Merigold Independent)

The Mad Butterfly’s Ball (anthology/edited w/Preston Grassmann/PS Publishing)

The Retreat (Nova Scotia 2)


Transmigrational Defences: Introduction to Kafka’s Metamorphosis (foreword)

The Yawn That Yearned for Dina (short story/Lizard Brain)

The Responsibility for All: Introduction for Chris Zeischegg’s The Magician (foreword)



Voidheads (deleted scene/short story/Apocalypse Confidential)

Voidheads (novella/Schism Neuronics)

The Bell (Official Report on The Transrationalist Chronotopologies of Kenji Siratori/media project)

Five Without Honour (Vol.1 and Vol.2) (anthology)



The Inner Technology of Crimes of the Future (essay/Interzone #265)

I’m Only Happy When it Rains (interview w/Elle Nash/3:AM)

Child of the New Flesh (interview w/Vincenzo Natali/LitReactor)

Children of the New Flesh: The Early work and Pervasive Influence of David Cronenberg (anthology w/David Leo Rice/11:11 Press)

A Prince in his Native Land (interview w/ Stephen Bissette/Vol.1 Brooklyn)

On Matthew Stokoe’s ‘High Life’ (article/The Last Estate)

Interview – Fever Spores: The Queer Reclamation of William S. Burroughs (non-fiction/Rebel Satori Press)

Final Cut (fiction/Apocalypse Confidential)



Vital Soil – on New Juche’s, ‘The Worm’ (review/3:AM)

A Caged Bird Rests on the Grave of Dreams, or ‘How I Escaped the Worldwide Church of God’: In conversation with Matthew Graham (EXPAT Press)

Blood-Sea (short story/Songs of the Northern Seas)

Jenny Longlegs (short story w/Brian Evenson/Three-Lobed Burning Eye #34) * nominated for Brave New Weird Award

The Recidivist (short story w/Laura Mauro/Punk Noir)

Desperately Seeking Aristotle’s Friendship of Virtue (essay/X-RAY magazine)
The Reasonable Liminality of Silent Hill 2 (essay + interview w/Jacob Geller/Heavy Feather Review)

Pathfinder – an interview with Brian Evenson  (interview/Neutral Spaces)

Origin Story – an interview with Andrew J.Wilt (interview/3:AM magazine)

Interrogating the Abyss (non-fiction/Apocalypse Party)

Ça Fais Mal  (w/Golnoosh Nour/poem/The Celestial Bandit)

Reflecting on Burroughs (article/LitReactor)

Burroughs and Scotland: Dethroning the Ancients (non-fiction/Beatdom)

Like the Petals of Broken Flowers (w/Preston Grassman/short story/Out of the Ruins)

Interview with Chris Zeischegg/Danny Wylde (interview/SLFFCK)

Influence (album/Poet-Pop Records)

Sweet Sixteenth (short story/The Other Stories podcast)

Bordering (short story/Koalas in Smoke)

His Shadow Book – an interview with Jordan Rothacker (3:AM magazine)

The Slotless City (article/Invert/Extant)


Oikeiôsis – an interview with Steve Finbow (3:AM magazine)

Le Cafard Ronge La Ville (French re-issue of TBDETC/LES ÉDITIONS DU 38)

Visiting Hour (poem/The Scottish Poetry Library)

Ritual America (excerpt/3:AM magazine)

The Lessons of Diarmuid Hester’s, ‘Wrong’ (article/Invert/Extant)

Creatively Mourning the Death of the Novel (essay/Invert/Extant)

The Bell (poem/Ragged Lion Journal #5)

By the On-Traps (chapbook/Errorism)

The DREGS Trilogy (novel/Black Shuck) *Winner of Ginger Nuts of Horror Novel of the Year

Blood Eagle (poem/SLFFCK)

Demonstration (poem/SLFFCK)

Vistas (chapbook collection/Demain – all proceeds towards the Scottish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals)

‘4:33’ (The Great John Cage Project/podcast)

Schismen (Swedish-language edition/Sigill förlag)

Single Origin Coffee (poetry/3:AM magazine)

Like Solzhenitsyn (poetry/3:AM magazine)

Love-Bug (reprint) (poem/Hugh McMillan’s ‘Plague Poems’)

The Bill Hicks Team Building Exercise Model (poem/Hugh McMillan’s ‘Plague Poems’)

Joshua Chaplinsky (interview/3:AM magazine)

The Invisible World (short story w/Laura Lee Bahr/’Would but Time Await’)

The Dream Reporters (story/Antipodean-SF #256)


I Transgress (anthology/Salo’ Press)

Dennis Cooper (interview/3:AM magazine)

Strange Bird (film-script – produced w/Laura Lee Bahr)

I Dream of Mirrors (novella/Sinister Horror Company)

The Seer (short story/’The Unquiet Dreamer – a tribute to Harlan Ellison’)

Love-Bug (poem/Multiverse)

SF Caledonia (article/Shoreline of Infinity #13)

I Transgress/an introduction (essay/Dennis Cooper’s Blog)

Tartini’s Final Dream (short story/’A Miscellany of Death and Folly’)


In the Gallery of Silent Screams (short story w/Carole Johnston/Black Static #65)* nominated for British Fantasy Award

SF in Scotland (article w/Preston Grassmann/Locus # 691)

Terence, Méphisto et Hyphéma (French-language edition/GWEN CATALÁ)

Iain Sinclair (interview/Sensitive Skin)

Fifty (microfiction/600-Second Saga/podcast)

A Poem for Fa and Jed Who Sailed the Ocean Red (short story/Antipodean-SF #241)

Mother Pilgrim (short story w/Gio Clairval/Daily Science Fiction)

The Church of Latter-Day Eugenics (novella w/Tom Bradley/Bizarro Pulp Press)

SF Caledonia (article/Shoreline of Infinity #13)

Cafard (French-language edition/GWEN CATALÁ)

The Cloud Sculptors of Hachamantai (short story w/Preston Grassmann/The Black Room Manuscripts)


Apollo Unbound (comic w/Jim Agpalza/Luna Press)

The Folger Variation (excerpt/Shoreline of Infinity #8)

Silence is White (anthology/Leaky Boot Press)

Shrapnel Apartments (novel/Crowded Quarantine)

The Great God Problem (short story/’More Bizarro than Bizarro’)

Buddy Giovinazzo (article/Bizarro Central)

Getting into Writing (article/Scottish Book Trust)

The Tao of Murray (article/CLASH)

Starting a School Magazine (article/Scottish Book Trust)

Laura Lam (article/Scottish Book Trust)

Iraq +100: Stories from Another Iraq (review/Shoreline of Infinity #7)


SF Caledonia (article/Shoreline of Infinity #6)

Wire & Spittle (novella/Omnium Gatherum)

Rattled by the Rush (novella/Bizarro PulpPress)

The Folger Variation (novella/Leaky Boot Press/Weirdo Magnet/Shoreline of Infinity)

God (poetry/New Coin #51)

Crimes of Indifference and the Barbarism of love (short story/The Airgonaut)

Tidal Wave (short story w/Gio Clairval/Lovecraft ezine #37)

Ellen Datlow (interview/Dark Discoveries #37)

Unger House Radicals (novel/Crowded Quarantine)

Imperial Youth Review #3 (editor w/Garrett Cook)


Slave Stories – Scene s from the Slave State (anthology/Omnium Gatherum)

The Dissolving Zinc Theatre (novel/Villipede)

The Statement of Tom Try-out (short story/’Surreal Worlds’)

Words from the Wise: John Shirley, Nick Antosca, and Geoff Brown (interview/Dark Discoveries #35)

Hal Duncan (interview/Dark Discoveries #35)

Laird Barron (interview/Dark Discoveries #33)


Terence, Mephisto and Viscera Eyes (short story collection/Bizarro Pulp Press)

The Black Dog Eats the city (novel/Omnium Gatherum)

Five Scottish Writers Who Might Just Blow Your Mind (article/SF-Signal)

Transmatic (novella/MorbidBooks)


Caledonia Dreamin’ – Strange Fiction of Scottish Descent (anthology w/Hal Duncan/Eibonvale)

Moosejaw Frontier (novella/Bizarro Pulp Press)

Last Exit to Interzone (chapbook/Black Dharma)

Imperial Youth Review #2 (editor w/Garrett Cook)

Umbilicus Rex (short story/ In Heaven Everything is Fine: Tribute to David Lynch)

Naked Punch (short story/Evergreen Review #33)

Year of the Cockroach (short story/Verbicide)

Somnambulist Southside (short story/Polluto #10)

Schadenfreude (short story collection/Dog Horn Publishing)

Gogol for a Pint of Milk (short story/Sein Un Werden #3)


A Message from the Slave State (novella/Western Legends)

Streams (microfiction/The Delinquent #17)

Escaping the Crimson Sphere (serialised novella/Pantheon magazine)

Barjo and his All-American Drugs (short story/BizarroCast #3)

Imperial Youth Review #1 (editor w/Garrett Cook)

Terror Scribes (anthology w/Adam Lowe/Dog Horn Publishing)


Charles Austin Muir reads from TBDETC –