Last Exit to Interzone!



My next neo-beat chapbook “Last Exit to Interzone” is coming out through Black Dharma Press (imprint of Jordan Krall’s Dynatox Ministries). Burroughs has been a huge influence on me. All the trademark tropes are here – universes that’re thermodynamically unstable, cut-ups and non-sequiturs and the lateral insertion of seemingly irrelevant information. 

I’m so excited! There are only 50 copies available so get your skates on. You can pre-order HERE


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Artwork by David Anderson(above) & Justin Coons (below)




So here he is, Kip Novikov, the loathsome, hard-as-a-Glaswegian-winter, opiate addicted Time Detective and star of my next limited edition chapbook “Last Exit to Interzone” (Black Dharma PressDynatox Ministries). He’s loosely based on my dad, who is also bald and bad-ass!

Thank you Justin T Coons! t-shirts hopefully in the offing