First bit of news –  My story “Umbilical Rex” is appearing in an anthology of fiction inspired by David Lynch (edited by Cameron Pierce, published by Eraserhead Press). I’m really proud to be part of it!


“In Heaven, Everything is Fine: Fiction Inspired by David Lynch” has officially been turned in. That’s 38 authors, 120,000+ words of sheer Lynchian brilliance!

I’m honored to have a piece in there, amongst these stunning lovelies: Michael J Seidlinger, Matthew Revert, Ben LooryBlake ButlerJ David Osborne, Cody Goodfellow, Violet LeVoit, Sam Pink, Jeffrey Thomas, Andy Adams, Garrett Cook, John Skipp, Bradley Sands, Laura Lee Bahr, Kevin Sampsell,Gabriel Blackwell, Matty Byloos, Kirsten Alene, Suzanne Burns, Nick Mamatas, Jarrett Middleton,  Ed Morris, Joseph S. Pulver Sr., M.P. Johnson, Jody Sollazzo, Jeff Burk, Liam Davies, Jeremy Robert Johnson, Kris Saknussemm, Mike Kleine, Simon Logan, Thomas Ligotti, Nick Antosca, and David J (David J!).







Secondly, my novelette “Moosejaw Frontier” has been accepted for publication by Bizarro Pulp Press who operate mainly on the world-wide-web, but are centrally located in South East, Texas in the Golden Triangle.

BPP are all readers and are passionate about what they do. I believe this is the best home for this piece and founder, P.A. Douglas, is the author of more than half a dozen books, so he knows what he’s doin. Having a vast understanding of the independently run market of creative industry, Pat has teamed up with a fine group of talented-competent editors, all who have a love for the macabre. Who they are in relation to Bizarro Pulp Press is a direct correlation to what they do. And what they do is strive to publish books that they, as readers, would want to read.


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Praise for Bizarro Pulp Press

“Bizzaro Pulp Press is a great place to get weird!” – Eric S Brown, author of the Big Foot War Trilogy

“A fresh and exciting new voice in the Bizarro world. BPP has raised the bar just a bit higher.” – Mark C. Scioneaux, author of Insurgent Z and Slipway Grey