Last Exit to Interzone








“ Chris Kelso sets his photonic crystal gun on KILL and takes no prisoners. My favorite era of science fiction was the 60s “New Wave” when the British magazine NEW WORLDS took front and centre, and there’s a bit of NEW WORLDS here, kind of like Jerry Cornelius using the cut – up method in a bungalow in Glasgow, with a splash of Warren Ellis added for extra flavour. Kelso has a compelling voice. Somewhere Papa Burroughs is smiling.”

– L.L. Soares, author of LIFE RAGE and IN SICKNESS
– ‘Chris Kelso is an important satirist, I think it’s safe to say.’

– Anna Tambour, author of Crandolin
– ‘ Come into the dusty deserted publishing house where mummified editors sit over moth – eaten manuscripts of books that were never written…anyone who enjoys the work of my late friend William Burroughs will feel welcome here with Chris Kelso.’

– Graham Masterton

– ‘Sparky, modern, avant – garde but accessible, Chris Kelso’s book is reminiscent of the most succe ssful literary experimentation of the 60s and 70s, the sort of work that was published in the later New Worlds , but it’s also thoroughly contemporary, intimately engaged with modern life as it is right now. Kelso steams with talent and dark wit and his ble nd of anarchy with precision is refreshing, inspiring and utterly entertaining . . .’

– Rhys Hughes , author of Mister Gum

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