The Slave State anthology is finally here! One of the best experiences I’ve ever had, working with some wonderful writers and artists, backed by a brilliant publisher (Kate Jonez’s Omnium Gatherum) – this is truly the definitive collection of stories set in the Slave State.

slave image

Laura Lee Bahr, John Langan, Mary A. Turzillo, Simon Marshall-Jones, Gary J Shipley, Ian Welke, Philip Differ, Mick Clocherty, Mitchel Rose, Gio Clairval,Hal Duncan, Kris Saknussemm, Richard Thomas, Spike Marlowe, Violet LeVoit, Rhys Hughes, Michael Faun, Love K├Âlle, Dave McWilliam, Beckett Warren, Tony Yanick, Preston Grassmann, Andrew Hook, Seb Doubinsky,Andrew Coulthard, Clive Tern, Roger Lovelace, Gregory Norris, John Palisanoand stunning art from Shane Swank, Ter-Jaiden Wray, Robert Thomas Baumer and Dario D’alatri

A taster story ‘Street Level’ by James Sposato will be up on The Speculative Bookshop website tomorrow. It’s also a cracker and ideal for the uninitiatedSSimage