Generosity of the Plymell’s

About a year ago I began having dialogue with legendary Beat poets, Pam and Charles Plymell. I was assembling content for a surrealist collection called ‘This is NOT an Anthology’ and wanted to use an excerpt from Mary Beach’s ‘Electric Banana’ as a centrepiece, along with a sparkling and typically witty introduction by William Burroughs. The book had gone out of print but the rights to it were held by one Cherry Valley Editions, The Plymell’s own publishing house.

Anyway, I sent out a request, fully expecting to be ignored and just as quickly disregarded. To my shock and utter delight, a blossoming friendship ensued. Through Charles and Pam I was granted access to a rich cornucopia of previously unpublished Beat writing. Their contribution to ‘This is NOT an Anthology’ is evident. It’s even safe to say that the experience single-handedly reinvigorated my passion for editing.

The following scans are taken from two collaboration cut-ups Charles did with Burroughs c1962 while the two were still living in New York. They were discovered stuffed in old pizza boxes – with a typescript called “Alone”, a poem that Allen Ginsberg wrote & gave to the Plymell’s years before. I’ve seen this too and it’s wonderful.

The actual piece itself was misplaced at some point during the years. As far as I’m aware, it has nothing to do with the ‘sex’ theme of this issue, not directly anyway. But I’m assured the overall subject matter of the collaboration was highly deviant (this IS Burroughs and the author of ‘Benzedrine Highway’ we’re talking about here after all!). I’m not sure when or if we’ll see the next Imperial Youth Review, so here’s a peak. Printing this piece in Imperial Youth Review, aside from being a fascinating collaboration between two renowned prose-stylists, serves as an example of the generosity of spirit shown to me regularly by the Plymell family.

Charles said – “I don’t know what the person did with them Chris, but you could probably print them if you wanted.”

So I did.