Moosejaw Frontier


“A beautiful disaster of meta-fiction and prose on the frontier of consciousness and genre, literature and character; Kelso has wonderfully crafted an oddity that sits upon a river of glass where nothing and everything can be defined. A Bizarro treat!”

Vincenzo Bilof, author of Gravity Comics Massacre and The Horror Show

“Chris Kelso is a dynamo of Bizarro metafiction, a literary successor to Garrett Cook.”

Garrett Cook, author of the Murderland series

‘Chris Kelso is a writer of almost intimidating intelligence, wit, and imagination. On every page there is evidence of a great mind at work. Just when you’re wondering if there are actually still writers out there who still feel and live their ideas out on the page, I come across a writer like Kelso, and suddenly the future feels a lot more optimistic. I look forward to seeing what he’s capable of in the longer, novel form: it’s a tantalising prospect. To wear his influences as smartly as he does – one calls to mind Burroughs, and Trocchi’s more verbose offerings – whilst remaining uniquely himself, in a writer as young as he is, is a very encouraging sign: one of maturity that belies his youth. I look forward to reading more from him in the near future.’

Andrew Raymond Drennan, author of The Immaculate Heart

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