chris kelso portraitThe Slave State looked like an alien nation. It stretched in waves of sedimentary, like the twisted coastlines of Taiwan. Malkmus sat on the intricate honeycombs of the cape, half-content, then remembered that life wasn’t worth living in this place…

Chris Kelso’s publications include –

Schadenfreude” (Dog Horn Publishing) 

“Last Exit to Interzone” (Black Dharma Press)

A Message from the Slave State” (Western Legends Books)

“Moosejaw Frontier” (Bizarro Pulp Press)


“The Black Dog Eats the City” (Omnium Gatherum)

“Terence, Mephisto & Viscera Eyes” (Bizarro Pulp Press/Journalstone)

The Dissolving Zinc Theatre” (Villipede Publications)

“The Folger Variation” (paperback – Weirdo Magnet/Leaky Boot Press, kindle – Shoreline of Infinity)

“Rattled by the Rush” (Journalstone)

“Unger House Radicals” (Crowded Quarantine)

“Shrapnel Apartments” (Crowded Quarantine)

“The Church of Latter Day Eugenics” with Tom Bradley (Bizarro Pulp Press)


BookLemur profile – HEREUntitled

12539956_10154623240868569_557002861_n Kelso is a genre writer, illustrator, editor and journalist. He is the winner of the Ginger Nuts of Horror Novel of the Year 2016 (for Unger House Radicals’), and ‘The Black Dog Eats the City’ made Weird Fiction Reviews Best of 2014 list.

He has also been printed frequently in literary  and university publications across the UK, US and Canada, including:

– APOC DONK Anthology, Polluto, Evergreen Review (issue 130), Cadaverine, Bizarro Central, Verbicide, The Delinquent, CLASH, The Surreal Grotesque, Sensitive Skin magazine, Sein Und Werden, The Airgonaut, In Heaven Everything is Fine (stories inspired by David Lynch), Alternation, Interzone, SF Signal, Slit Your Wrists magazine, Dark Discoveries, Shoreline of Infinity, Pantheon magazine, In This Music?, Full Metal Orgasm, Beatdom, Trisickle magazine, Strange Edge magazine, Dead Man’s Tome(August Issue), Revolt Daily,  Surreal Worlds, New Coin PoetryThe Lovecraft E-zine, WOULD BUT TIME AWAIT: AN ANTHOLOGY OF NEW ENGLAND FOLK HORROR, Profane Existence, Mighty in Sorrow (Current 93 anthology), and has journalism  articles in the following: In Bed With Maradona, The Scottish Book Trust, Re-Gen Magazine, Ginger Nuts of HorrorBeard Rock, Total Football Magazine, Duality (Issue 4), FirstWriter Magazine  – as well as honourable mentions on the Lovecraft-ezine podcast and Weird Fiction Reviews end of year booklist (best of 2014)

Interview at Books and Booze – HERE

Interview at Surreal Sermons – HERE

‘Someday soon people are going to be naming him as one of their own influences. He’s worth checking out.’

– INTERZONE magazine

Chris has served as voluntary copy editor for Dog Horn, Jupiter Magazine, Chomu Press, Eraserhead press (and cult horror imprint Deadite). Along with Victoria Hooper he helps wade through slush piles for the Sceptre award winning Sci-Fi magazine, Polluto.

He and Garrett Cook are  the co-creators of ‘The Imperial Youth Review‘. He is the editor for film studies imprint RoosterVision

 Interview with Moira McPartlin12540754_10154658589683569_199097321892396524_n

Show me your shelves
– Bizarro Central

Interview with Margrét Helgadóttir

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