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“A masterpiece.”– Seb Doubinsky 

“This is a joyfully dystopian, fascinating and challenging book. There is a distinct risk you will get to like it. It may well ruin books for you.”

The British Fantasy Society

‘Kelso is a fearless and accomplished prose stylist’

 Literary Orphans



Terence, Mephisto & Viscera Eyes

terence“Chris Kelso is a fun writer. He is a daring writer. He is an experimental writer — but more importantly he is about to become an important writer. Read him with this book, so you can say you discovered shortly after Don Webb. I said it first, so I win.”   Don Webb – Overthrowing the Old Gods

‘Someday soon people are going to be naming him as one of their own influences. He’s worth checking out.’
INTERZONE magazine

“Chris Kelso’s prose is funny, bizarre, hyper-alert, hyperactive and a slingshot into the future. This is a fun and entertaining ride of a read, best undertaken at high speeds with a helmet on for safety.”Amber Sparks



AssRattled by the Rush

“A wild existential ride that offered a fun hypothesis to the meaning of everything.”

– Dead End Follies

‘The unexpected, the strange twists, the unorthodox approach. It might not be something you’re “ready” for, but I can promise it’ll be a good time.’

– Horror News

‘Kelso provides a particular flavour – a cocktail of nightmarish imagery and despair and in-you-face punk attitude.’

– Neon magazine

Unger House Radicals



– ‘ Come into the dusty deserted publishing house where mummified editors sit over moth – eaten manuscripts of books that were never written…anyone who enjoys the work of my late friend William 32169153_2019413341643424_8599630609519738880_nBurroughs will feel welcome here with Chris Kelso.’

– Graham Masterton

“A deliriously marvelous and brutal encounter with a serial killer and filmmaker.”

– This is Horror

‘If you haven’t read Chris Kelso’s work yet, I strongly recommend that you address that problem. Start right here with Unger House Radicals.

– Shotgun Logic

‘This is without a doubt the work of a genius, everything thing about this book should have had me screaming at the page in anger.  And yet I never did, I sat there in awe at the talent on show.’  

– Ginger Nuts of Horror

‘An intriguing piece of existential horror!’

– The Scottish Book Trust

‘Kelso’s latest, Unger House Radicals, is destined to become a cult classic’

UR Chicago

‘I think Kelso is a major talent and you’ll hear more about him as time goes by. However, his work is not for the squeamish. Be warned! Unger House Radicals is an arresting piece of literature. It’s transgressive, erudite, shocking.’

– Mary Turzillo, NEBULA winner

‘Engaging, repulsive, well written and absorbing…’

– BeavistheBookhead

Ginger Nuts of Horror top 5 books of 2016

BeavistheBookhead top 5 books of 2016


Moosejaw Frontier

book-coveramazon“A beautiful disaster of meta-fiction and prose on the frontier of consciousness and genre, literature and character; Kelso has wonderfully crafted an oddity that sits upon a river of glass where nothing and everything can be defined. A Bizarro treat!” 

Vincenzo Bilof, author of Gravity Comics Massacre and The Horror Show 

“Chris Kelso’s books often featuring terrible people being eaten alive by a Just-as-Cruel universe, cities that are picked apart in the manner of sky burials by invisible vultures and excellent prose…” Albedo One

“Chris Kelso is a dynamo of Bizarro metafiction, a literary successor to Garrett Cook.”

Garrett Cook, author of the Murderland series


 Schadenfreude Schadenfruede-Front-Cover



Anna Tambour intro at The Shwiby

Acclaim for this Book

‘Chris Kelso is a writer of wide and varied obsessions. In Schadenfreude he shares all of them. This collection is just the right amount of raunchy, and is guaranteed to uplift the heart of today’s most discerningly jaded nihilist’

Tom Bradley, author of Hemorrhaging Slave of an Obese Eunuch

‘Impressive debut. Schadenfreude is more than a short story collection; it’s a way of life’
Stewart Home, author of Red London

‘Choke down a handful of magic mushrooms and hop inside a rocket ship trip to futuristic settings filled with pop culture, strange creatures and all manner of sexual deviance. The mundane becomes the bizarre, the standard evolves into the alien, and penises and vaginas are rarely what they seem. Buckle up. Shadenfruede is indeed pleasure derived from the misfortunes of others.’

Richard Thomas, author of Transubstantiate

‘Utterly unique. Schadenfreude proves, once and for all, that Chris Kelso is NOT a mannequin.’

D. Harlan Wilson, author of Peckinpah

‘The stories in Schadenfreude are like non-Euclidean geometry: mysterious, unique and wrapped in an aura of magic and mysticism. Kelso’s prose is lean and tough and the impact these stories have on the reader prove there’s no need for gimmicks when the power of weirdness is effectively wielded.’


‘Chris Kelso is the one your mother warned you about. He is a sick, sick man—bereft of cure and heaped with symptom. His words will taint you irrevocably. Your eyes will want to gargle after reading just one of his stories. His book is unique—but that’s a good thing.’

Steve Vernon, author of Nothing to Lose

‘I hella dug it! Chris Kelso’s Schadenfreude is dirty, dark, and fun. This collection is a dismal delight, peppered with humor as black as plague and infused with gripping horror, for fans of macabre fiction.’

Jonathan Moon, author of Heinous

‘Schadenfreude functions as a pathology museum never intended for those seeking to educate themselves about what may go wrong in fiction–or the world at large–but was instead constructed for the voyeur who escaped from your basement, still bound with razorwire, desperate for the ultimate degradation.’

John Edward Lawson, author of SuiPsalms/editor at Raw Dog Screaming Press

  Review here – A review by Joseph Wargo 

Wire and Spittle

‘Sparky, modern, avant-garde but
 accessible, Chris Kelso’s book is reminiscent of the most successful literary
experimentation of the 60s and 70s, the sort
of work that was published in the later New
Worlds, but it’s also thoroughly
contemporary, intimately engaged with modern life as it is right now.
 Kelso steams with talent and dark wit and his blend of anarchy with precision is refreshing, inspiring and utterly entertaining . . .
– Rhys Hughes, author of Mister Gum


Last Exit to Interzone 


 BUY HERE“ Chris Kelso sets his photonic crystal gun on KILL and takes no prisoners. My favorite era of science fiction was the 60s “New Wave” when the British magazine NEW WORLDS took front and centre, and there’s a bit of NEW WORLDS here, kind of like Jerry Cornelius using the cut – up method in a bungalow in Glasgow, with a splash of Warren Ellis added for extra flavour. Kelso has a compelling voice. Somewhere Papa Burroughs is smiling.”
– L.L. Soares, author of LIFE RAGE and IN SICKNESS

– ‘Chris Kelso is an important satirist, I think it’s safe to say.’– Anna Tambour, author of Crandolin

‘Sparky, modern, avant – garde but accessible, Chris Kelso’s book is reminiscent of the most succe ssful literary experimentation of the 60s and 70s, the sort of work that was published in the later New Worlds , but it’s also thoroughly contemporary, intimately engaged with modern life as it is right now. Kelso steams with talent and dark wit and his ble nd of anarchy with precision is refreshing, inspiring and utterly entertaining . . 

– Rhys Hughes , author of Mister Gum

Neil Williamson’s verdict – HERE

amazon“Language pornography that reads like a Burroughs confession in the throes of orgasmic euphoria.”  – Vincenzo Bilof, author of The Horror Show

“I never thought I could use “aggro” for a novel, but Chris Kelso’s Transmatic is pure heat-white aggro in a new twisted way that will leave you breathless and wanting for more. Think Tarentino meets Ballard meets Burroughs, and you’re still in it for a surprise. A hard drug I sincerely recommend. I am now officially a craving Kelso addict.”

– Seb Doubinsky

“If Message From the Slave State was an odd radio frequency muffled by static, Transmatic is Kelso finding a clear signal from which to broadcast his Slave State mythos. One could examine it many different ways: a skeptic’s fable about the methods of Scientology, an appraisal of the panoptic society in which we find ourselves or even as an allegory of the Proletariat. However one views it, there’s one thing they cannot deny: its ambition.”

– Surreal Grotesque

“Engorged with ideas, Transmatic is a futuristic meta-romp populated by hitmen, apologetic aliens, vermin and Burroughsian understudies; where splitscreen realities and parallel worlds vie for the reader’s engagement, and fantasy and reality wrestle whilst falling downstairs. Reading Kelso is like sticking your head in a blender but retaining consciousness: a joy ride.”

– Fur-Lined Ghetto

‘Transmatic is 70’s experimental scifi, rewritten in a single-sitting-readable format. Its cast (each creatures that seem to have been cut out of the borders of society and crudely pasted in the mainstream) are all memorable and strange. Kelso’s prose is excellent and equally memorable, occasionally giving me metaphors that nearly made me drop my e-reader in a good way.’


The Black Dog Eats the City




‘Chris Kelso writes in a style of broken glass and razor blades, barbed wire and gasoline. Stitching together prose, poetry, drama, and graphic novel in a Frankenstein aesthetic, he creates a striking book whose surreal landscapes and situations bring to mind Ballard, Burroughs, and Dick. Just when you think Kelso has taken things as far as he can, he proves you wrong, setting off in a bold new direction, pushing you to keep pace with him. If there is such a thing as weird fiction, then this is it, with a capital “W.”

– John Langan, author of The Wide, Carnivorous Sky and Other Monstrous Geographies

‘Unlike any other book about depression that you’ll ever read!’

Ginger Nuts of Horror

‘Chris Kelso is the finger inside of your least favourite hole
giving you your most favourite sensation.’

Christy Leigh Stewart, author of Terminally Beautiful 

Nebula reading list




“Chris Kelso’s technique, in A MESSAGE FROM THE SLAVE STATE, captures that most difficult and elusive quality I could never understand how to explain until a wise friend pointed it out elsewhere: He writes the way he talks. And not with phonetic spelling or bad punctuation or attempts to duplicate vocal speech.I mean he writes the way he talks, and does it with technical brilliance from the first page of this novella. Thoroughly engaging and wild… yet utterly sane, with martial precision. This work is a joy.” 

Edward Morris, 2011 Pushcart Prize nominee, 2009 Rhysling Award nominee, 2005 BSFA nominee, author of the BLACKGUARD series  


I Dream of Mirrors


“I Dream of Mirrors is a unique and thoughtful take on the dystopian science fiction genre. Many readers will find the way it undercuts their expectations frustrating, however, the ones who stick with it will find it very rewarding. Highly recommended” – Cultured Vultures

“A smart, entertaining narrative that plays successfully with many of the classic elements of post-apocalyptic science fiction.” – LitReactor

“Add Kelso to a very short list of newer authors to place on the “must read” list.” – Cemetery Dance magazine 

“I am engulfed by this book, possibly fatally'”- DL Gestalt Real-time-Reviews

“The perfect introduction to an author who is fast becoming a master of transreal fiction” – Ginger Nuts of Horror


The Folger Variation (& other lies)

‘Kelso is a fearless and accomplished prose stylist’

– Literary Orphans12509866_1029020243806683_8064993591088119423_n

‘The unexpected, the strange twists, the unorthodox approach. It mightFolger Variation Cover 250w not be something you’re “ready” for, but I can promise it’ll be a good time.’

– Horror News

‘Kelso provides a particular flavour – a cocktail of nightmarish imagery and despair and in-you-face punk attitude.’

– Neon magazine

“Will Self meets Chuck Palanhuik”

– Former People magazine


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